Advanced Voice Over Training – Power Plan 2

Take Your Career to the Next Level. Discover even more learn Advanced Voice Over Training and Voice Over Techniques in-person with Anthony. This is the Advanced 30-Day Power Plan 2 at VO101.

This plan covers additional Advanced Voice Over Training within “8” weekly LIVE private lessons for intermediate to more experienced voice talent. The plan consists of (2) two personal Skype Video lessons (or Skype audio only if desired) each week over 4 to 6 weeks.

Similar to the Advanced Power Plan 1 for new voice over talent, the Advanced Power Plan 2 is designed for those voice over talent looking for even greater voice over techniques. All lessons are private and one-on-one with Anthony Reece. If you are an intermediate, or advanced voice talent looking to move to a HIGHER level as Professional Voice Talent, this 2nd plan is for you.

* Another amazing deal within the voice over training industry, for this level of one-on-one personal advanced voice over training and mentoring by a veteran talent and casting director. As requested all weekly voice over lessons are recorded in audio, and sent as a link if requested so you can download the lesson and keep for future reference.

  • Your investment for Advanced Power Plan 2 is $795.00. 

If you’re ready to take your professional voice over career to an even greater level, this is the another awesome investment and value for voice over training industry. Just check around, you’ll see. Still not fully convinced? See what other VO101 students say… watch and read talent feedback

As a Advanced Power Plan 2 student, you will cover all the areas below learning how to become a more competitive, professional working voice talent with these advanced voice over lessons.

* Advanced Plan 2 Voice Over Lessons and Techniques Covered During Training:

1-Finding the 6 Primary Broadcast Voice Over Delivery Styles and Sounds
2-How to Develop the 6 Primary Narration Sub-Genres and Their Delivery
3-Uncovering Good Voice Acting Using the Eight Word Acting Exercise
4-Developing Better Voice Over Speech Skills Such as Enunciation, Diction and Articulation
5-Understanding and Application of the 6 Main Ending Inflections
6-Time Squeezing, Paces and Tempos within Voice Overs, Narration and Characters
7-Locating, Using and Understanding Proper Delivery of Expressive Words in Scripts
8-Using Your Mouth Mechanics to Create Sound Textures and Unique Voice Flavors

…and so much more – plus extra items below.

* $50.00 Off Voice Over Demo: As a Power Plan student you receive a $50 discount on a combination voice over demo, or a 3 or more demo pack after training. Anthony will co-create an effective, powerful, professional sounding voice over demo so you are ready to compete with a fresh demo after training.

* Bonus Power Videos: Learn more advanced advice, lessons and tips as a more intermediate, to advanced voice over talent watching his FREE Power Videos within the online course area.

* Countless Tips and Advice shared during EVERY live Skype Lesson. You WILL be ready to better compete at a higher level, and perform better as a voice over artist after advanced voice over training.

* Creative / Technical Support: Rest at ease knowing you have a friend, and mentor an email, or phone call away. Plus enjoy free audition reviews before you submit them, tech tips, and more during training.

* Online Self-Study Course FREE: You also enjoy the VO101 online self-study course free for LIFE.

Register Today and start further advanced training with Anthony: Your total investment is only US $795.00 and payment can be made by credit, or debt card using the PayPal system below. Request the Advanced Power Plan 2 below today!

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* Advanced Power Plan Grad Package: Once you complete the VO101 Advanced Power Plan 2, you’ll have the option to request a 30-day “Post Power Package” at only US $279.99. You will enjoy 4 additional private hourly lessons, and an additional 30-days of technical support, email mentoring, practice and audition reviews, plus continued access for life to the online course area.

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