Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

A big THANK YOU to all whom have been part of my voice over coaching journey the past 18-years. I can say it has been a real blessing to have shared my wisdom gained from the school of hard knocks over 35-years.

Voice Over Demo Production | Video Voice Over Demo Service


voice over demosRequest voice over demo production service and save real cash at VO101. All VO101 voice over demo productions and video demos are personally produced by Anthony Reece Listen to recent demo samples and request your new voice over demos today.

Here is the voice over demo production process and package;

-pre-planning voice over demo production consultation by zoom, skype or telephone

-suggestions on how to best approach the right voice over demos for you

-creative input, and/or a mix of your quality “on-hand” voice over demo content

-review of your on-hand past voice over demos or video archived content if any

-co-creation of your semi-customized voice over script and/or new demo content

-production of new voice over demo content as single clips for use in the demo

-short 2:00 minute and long 5:00 minute versions of the final mixed demo

-final mastering and delivery of professional voice over demos finals in .MP3

So just what do typical audio producers charge for a Professional Voice Over Demo in most major markets? You might be shocked when you see.

Even more then when you see the fantastic rates for demos by Anthony Reece you will be very happy and know why 275 talent have ordered demos at VO101.


Read a Few Articles On Demos And See Some Rates Yourself…

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Jamie Painter Writer at Backstage.com

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Be Heard as a Professional Voice Talent: As a new voice over talent, or veteran voice artists, there is nothing more important than investing in a “high quality” unique voice over demo that reflects YOUR voice over ability as a voice talent. It must show your full voice over range, as a voice artist! Request voice over demo production today.

VO101 demo production rates start at little as $229.00. Yes really!!!

Voice Over Coaching - Steven MittlerVoice Over Testimonial – Steven Mittler

“…Hello Anthony, Thanks ever so much for today’s webinar. Having surfed the web since ’95 I can honestly say your presentation today was the best 90 minutes I’ve ever spent online. Real information with true insight. Am I going to watch it again? You bet your sweet bippy. Will I be ordering a demo? As soon as I am feel I am ready.” Steven Mittler-Voice Over Testimonial – Steven Mittler

Voice Over Testimonial – Pete Pappageorge

“…Anthony: Wow, I am totally BLOWN AWAY by these demos – they sound FANTASTIC!! Thank you SO MUCH, Anthony!! These are WAY BEYOND my expectations, and if I don’t get work with them, I might as well HANG IT UP!!! I can’t THANK YOU enough!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Anthony!! As we say in Greek, “YA-SSOU, ANTHONY, YA-SSOU!!!!” –Pete Pappageorge-Voice Over Testimonial – Pete PappaGeorge

voice talent natalya bykovVoice Over Testimonial – Natalya Bykov

“…Hi Mr. Reece, here is a new commercial that I did for ABC….Once Upon a Time commercial for season 5 finale with quick preview of Alice Through the Looking Glass…Thanks so much, couldn’t have gotten it without you. ABC chose the voice from my character demo. Your awesome!” Natalya Bykov-Voice Over Testimonial – Natalya Bykov

Voice Over Testimonial – Darren Roebuck

…”I can’t thank you enough! These sound amazing! I love all of the little touches. Pitching down the demon, mellow yellow, mommy kissing Santa Claus…. Hilarious!!! I’ll certainly tell my VO friends about you.” Darren Roebuck-Voice Over Testimonial – Darren Roebuck

VO101 Student Iris FieldsVoice Over Testimonial

“- I want to Thank You so much for all of your help and words of wisdom. I learned quite a bit from these 6 lessons and hope I can apply them to my on-going path as a successful voice talent. I have been so frustrated with my progression, but now armed with your training, I feel more confident that I can make a real stab at living out my dream. I would love to continue my training as well as recording new demo’s.” – Iris Fields-Voice Over Testimonial – Iris Fields

Voice Over Testimonial – Ed Holland

…”I attended the webinar “Why I’m Not Booking Jobs” and I just want to say that I am a true believer in your Quality over Quantity message. I started auditioning (parttime) last November and when I attended the webinar, sponsored by Voices, I’d booked ONE job out of 149 auditions (over 7 months). After focusing more on quality, and not rushing to be among the first to submit, I’ve booked 3 jobs in the 3 weeks since your seminar. In addition, the client that booked me today told me that I just needed to resubmit my audition for the job – I didn’t need to submit another recording. Lesson learned: Approaching the audition on the same level of quality that I expect to perform the job worked! Thanks for the wisdom. I look forward to signing up for your coaching one day.” Ed Holland-Voice Over Testimonial – Ed Holland

Voice Over Testimonial – Anthony Raimondo

Anthony is more than a voice coach… and different from the rest in all the resources he can assist a voice artist with.
In addition to coaching, he can create remarkable demos, help you craft a total marketing plan, provide insight and technical support to create or enhance your website. And also provide you unlimited experience and behind the scenes information to assist you in being successful in your voice over career. He’s the total package! Thanks Anthony. ” Tony Raimondo / TRCVOICEOVERS

-Voice Over Testimonial – Anthony Raimondo

Howard Ellison Voice OversVoice Over Testimonial – Howard Ellison

…Extraordinary! Anthony’s unique energy and insight had each of us on the webinar coming up with different (and of course improved!) interpretations – instantly. We were learning by doing, and in good company. Thank you. -British Voice Talent Howard Ellison-Voice Over Testimonial – Howard Ellison

voice talent debby barnesVoice Over Testimonial – Debby Barnes

“…Not only am I overwhelmed by every thing you generously shared with me, but your kindness and caring too. Singing Your Praises” – Debby Barnes-Voice Over Testimonial – Debby Barnes

Voice Over Testimonial – Denny Pompa – “Anthony,,,All I can say is WOW ! You are a genius at production ! A million thanks…Sometime further down the road , I’ll be contacting you for more coaching sessions and , by the way I will highly recommend you to anyone looking to get voice over training and demo production.” Anthony’s coaching holds much value. I learned concepts and techniques that have helped me improve greatly as a voice over talent and his production of my commercial demo is better than I ever imagined it would be. If you’re looking for effective and affordable help with your voice over career , I highly recommend VO101 – Denny Pompa

-Voice Over Testimonial – Denny Pompa

Anthony, really enjoying  the online intermediate course and then going into my gb & practicing. Although I’m at the end of a cold, I am benefiting from the practical course thanks MILLIONS. Looking forward to the next audition to apply it. Best regards, Earl Thomas “The VOICE-Voice Over Testimonial – Earl Thomas

Voice Over Testimonial – Marta Clay

“…Our son Kurtis has worked with Anthony learning voice overs for the last 4 years, and has been absolutely fantastic! He is not only a voice over coach, but because we have worked so closely, he is like family to us now. The level of expertise and integrity is beyond reproach, and I feel very grateful that we have established the relationship that we have. I would trust no other person in coaching, mentoring, and doing life with our son”. Marta Clay-Voice Over Testimonial – Marta Clay

Voice Over Testimonial – Working with Anthony was great! he gave clear direction and got everything together quickly. He gave great feedback and produced a top-notch demo. Thank you. Bryan Olson-Voice Over Testimonial – Bryan Olson

Jagannathan SrinivasanVoice Over Testimonial – “I just completed by Intermediate Coaching with Anthony and if I have it to provide my feedback in a single word “AWESOME!” Over the course of three months, Anthony transformed my voice and my approach to voice-overs from being a raw talent that needed several recuts of a recording, to a matured systematic approach that can deliver professional voice overs with minimum recuts. Thanks, Anthony – for guiding and coaching me through this transformation. I really admired your professionalism, willingness to share nuggets of wisdom from your rich experience, ability to coach and guide rather than teach, providing candid on-the-face feedback for improving and your flexibility to coach ‘beyond’ the syllabus. Your suggestions for improving my recording studio set up and sound quality, tips for selling my personal brand and marketing my voice talent have long-ranging career implications that I’ll forever be indebted to you. Every penny you shell out for this coaching program is worth its weight in gold, so do not think twice to enroll for this program and avail your exclusive one-on-one time with Anthony” -Jagannathan Srinivasan-Voice Over Testimonial – Jagannathan Srinivasan

voice talent jon ciano

Voice Over Testimonial – Jon Ciano

“…Thank you so much for everything, Anthony. I truly could not have done it without you. Your methods and ability to make someone comfortable with what they have, was the reason for success. “Wow, I am floored. This is all amazing!” Here’s to a successful future!” Jon Ciano

-Voice Over Testimonial – Jon Ciano

travis zukerVoice Over Testimonial – “My wife had been patiently encouraging me to pursue a career in Voice Over since I bought my first mic and audio interface in 2014. Try as I might, I just wasn’t sure about the next steps. I bought a couple of books, but that went nowhere. Christmas 2016, I got a gift certificate for Anthony’s online course. After checking out VO101, I ended up enrolling in the Beginner Power Plan and started my journey. Along the way, Anthony has been there – mentoring, teaching, encouraging – while I gained confidence, learned what it really means to be a voice over talent and moved from amateur to professional. It’s been a wild ride, but here I am. Thanks, brother, I could not have done it without you!” Travis Zuker-Voice Over Testimonial – Travis Zuker

james holmes voice talentVoice Over Testimonial – Jame Holmes

“…I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your coaching, mentoring and work with me.  I realize you are providing me with the education and skills to succeed in this industry.  Your coaching and mentoring has exceeded my expectations and each session has been packed with content, techniques and learning.  Each session provides both theoretical and practical learning.  I learn so much each time we meet.  Prior to finding you, I worked with a couple of different coaches and took a couple of different group and on-line VO training programs – NONE come even close to what I learn with you in a single session. I would be happy to recommend you at every opportunity as an incredibly talented and capable mentor.  I feel so fortunate to have found you and your program.  I would be pleased to provide you a testimonial”.James Holmes-Voice Over Testimonial – James Holmes

Voice Over Testimonial – Shane Purnell – “Before working with Anthony, I approached voice over work from instinct. Anthony gave me a systematic way to approach my reads so I could make full use of my range. He also showed me how to interpret a script so I could deliver different versions at auditions. Working with him has been a game changer for me. Anthony is now my “go to” guy for voice over coaching.” –Shane Purnell-Voice Over Testimonial – Shane Purnell

voice talent stephanie pappasVoice Over Testimonial – Stephanie Pappas – “Thank you for always encouraging me, I am really glad I found your coaching program! I tried to listen to some of my old recordings the other day but I couldn’t – I never want to sound that bad again 🙂 So thanks again, I am still just as excited about this as on the first day, and that is a big deal for me!” Stef Pappas-Voice Over Testimonial – Stephanie Pappas

Pastor Ron JarmanVoice Over Testimonial – “Anthony, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your instruction, guidance, examples and pointers while taking your intermediate course offered from VO101. Your professionalism is second to none and I can tell that you have great passion for this field of endeavor. You have become more than just the building block of my career in voice over’s, you have become a friend. Why? I believe you share your heartfelt passion to your students while showing personal interest in your students which help make us feel it is more on a personal basis than a professional basis and as a minister of the Gospel that means a lot to me because my work is to help people build relationships. What does this mean to me as an individual and a voice over artist? It means that even though I have made it through your course, you are still interested in my success and will help guide me through the diverse problems I may face. My abilities as a voice over artist have been sharpened and much improved through your instruction, example and advice. I feel I am much more prepared to put my voice out there in the sea of competition and have a good chance of being heard and hired. I look forward now in getting serious with pursuing this career. Also Anthony, thank you for the producing my demos. What you did with them is nothing short of outstanding. I was listening to the cuts you have sent me and all I can say is WOW!!!. I only hope I can bring your company honor in the field of Voice Overs. -Pastor Ron Jarman-Voice Over Testimonial – Pastor Ron Jarman

Voice Over Testimonial – Teresa Clanton

…My work with Anthony is nothing short of a miracle! No really, from day one of starting out with beginner training, I thought, oh this is going to be easy, how hard could it be, right? Wrong! You know it takes a special person to be able to take talent from no experience in voice work to creating professional, dynamic, and professional sounding talent…Anthony did that for me, he helped me created a confidence that YES I can do this!!!! His experience, teaching technique, and passion for passing on his experience is invaluable. In gratitude. Federal Bureau of Prisons – Teresa Clanton-Voice Over Testimonial – Teresa Clanton

voice talent donna cuddemiVoice Over Testimonial – Donna Cuddemi

“…And thanks to your mentor-ship and belief in me, you gave me the start I needed to believe in myself. Thank YOU.” – Donna Cuddemi-Voice Over Testimonial – Donna Cuddemi

Voice Over Testimonial – “Anthony most recently produced my Animation Demo, and not only did he do a wonderful job with the demo itself, but he also made me confident and comfortable with the process. This was my first produced demo and I was wary and apprehensive about the process and he made me feel comfortable and that I had made the right decisions. I would highly recommend having him produce any upcoming projects you may have. ” –Kyle B. Jones:-Voice Over Testimonial – Kyle B Jones

Voice Over Testimonial – “Anthony, that was a superb webinar. (Jan 13th 2020) Numerous coaches and VO colleagues have tried to explain this, and some have close close. But you went the extra mile and nailed it. Now I can take my craft to the next level with confidence. .” –Steve Hufford

-Voice Over Testimonial – Steve Hufford

Voice Over Testimonial – I am EXTREMELY pleased with the demo you produced for me Anthony. I will be referring you to others for sure! Been a pleasure working with you brother. – David Clark-Voice Over Testimonial – Dave Clark

voice over talent phil withersVoice Over Testimonial – Phil Withers – “Anthony Reece and his voice over training program took an ‘experienced’ radio talent and reoriented his thinking about voice over with a methodical and brilliantly-crafted training approach that saw immediate and continuing results. I should know; that experienced radio talent and VO rookie was me. Until I lucked-into Anthony’s VO101 program, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Now I KNOW what I didn’t know and am using his system to continue honing my VO craft. Anthony is a true mentor and coach who listens and provides constructive feedback with achievement milestones to help cement learning, exercising and stretching your talent until he’s comfortable that you can give the client the performance they’re looking for. Do you want ‘Become A Voice over Star!’ in three easy lessons? Then VO101 is not for you. If however, you are serious about increasing your VO skill (whether you’re a beginner or experienced professional) and are determined to work hard and follow Anthony’s spot-on direction and advice, the results will come. Oh, and when you’ve graduated make sure you let Anthony produce your demos, but only if you want your demos to have a sizzle and spark that attracts serious buyers looking for the right voice over talent!” -Phil Withers-Voice Over Testimonial – Phil Withers

Voice Over Testimonial – David Whiteford – I can’t tell you what a blast it was completing “The Works” with Anthony Reece! I’ve been in the film and television business for 40 years and can honestly say he is a consummate professional; very knowledgeable, creative and he even made the classes and assignments fun. I was so impressed I just signed up for additional classes and can’t wait to apply the new found skills. Thanks Anthony! –David Whiteford-Voice Over Testimonial – David Whiteford

Voice Over Testimonial – Kurtis Clay

“…Mr. Reece is a very fun voice over coach to work with. While he is a teacher first, he also acts as a friend. Every lesson is entertaining because he’s not strict and stuffy. He’s fun and energetic, and every time I mention, or talk about something I like, he’s matching my enthusiasm. I really appreciate that. He’s also helped me professionally, and has given me many valuable tips to improve my voice acting career. He’s very wise in his craft, which makes learning a lot easier”. – Kurtis Clay-Voice Over Testimonial – Kurtis Clay

chris rios voice talentVoice Over Testimonial – Christopher Rios

“…my man, you are golden. You outdid yourself. I can’t wait to start more lessons with you in the (very) foreseeable future.”Christopher Rios-Voice Over Testimonial – Christopher Rios

Voice Over Testimonial – Jay North

Anthony, Wow, that was the best information I have been given since being in this industry. Thank you for your time today, I look forward to working with you soon on my coaching. Sincerely Jay North

-Voice Over Testimonial – Jay North

vo101 youtube testimonialVoice Over Testimonial -…Many, many thanks, Anthony! After spending a lot of time diligently researching what it takes to start a Voice Over business, this is by far the best single, and free, resource I have found. This video gives you the realities of what you will need to do, instead of filling your head with dreams of how much money you can make. What impresses me the most is all the highly useful information you provide in a straightforward, simple-to-understand fashion. I felt like you were talking to me as a student, as opposed to talking at me as salesman. As a professor who is extremely passionate about teaching, I thoroughly appreciate that. I’m looking forward to registering for your course and learning much more from you.-Mack Howard / YouTube-Voice Over Testimonial – Mack Howard

Voice Over Testimonial – Patrick Miranda

“…Anthony, cant wait to get these posted to my website and start sending them to agents. The people who have heard my commercial demo so far have been blown away with how clean and professional they sound…..you got one happy frikkin customer right here. I would say worth every penny, but I feel like it was a bargain for the close attention you gave these projects and the final product. Its been a blast working with you, and I hope to continue to work and collaborate with you in the near future!”…..”ok so second e-mail, maybe a little much, but I am just super stoked about how far this has gone in the last few months. I have listened to the NEW character demo you sent me about 15 times, and I just love the shit out of it every time. That Gargon one just gets me going!” Patrick Miranda-Voice Over Testimonial – Patrick Miranda

Voice Over Testimonial – Paul Underwood

…So they are already being noticed. I’ll be putting the rest of them up this weekend….here’s a word I don’t often use: “thrilled” as in “I’m thrilled at how these (demos) turned out. – Paul Underwood-Voice Over Testimonial – Paul Underwood

voice talent pat palmerston

Voice Over Testimonial – Pat Palmerston
…I came to vo101.com with absolutely no V/O experience. Anthony helped me build an inexpensive home studio and gave me the tools to audition as a fully trained Voice Actor. Two months out of the power plan training and I’m now transitioning into working as a full time voice actor. It’s like winning the freaking lottery. He gives you straight forward, no nonsense guidance and a realistic idea of what it will take to make it in this industry. – Pat Palmerston

-Voice Over Testimonial – Pat Palmerston

VO101 Student Michael LightfootVoice Over Testimonial – The demos turned out amazing… you are a magician! I don’t know if I ever shared this with you, but when I decided to embark on this journey so many months ago, I made a conscious decision to seek out the very best mentor to learn from and the search resulted in me finding and locking arms with you, You have been an amazing teacher, coach, mentor and now I am proud to say a friend, and I want to Thank You for everything including your patience that you have done to make this dream possible for me. I can honestly say that I don’t have to do this like I am sure many do, I want to do this, and at my age it takes a lot to get me excited but I can honestly say that I haven’t been this excited about something for a long time. I am definitely going to make you proud. Michael Lightfoot-Voice Over Testimonial – Michael Lightfoot

voice talent hiram riosVoice Over Testimonial – Hiram Rios

“…I mostly love your REALNESS and not sugar coating it. Your price was great but YOU were great. Thanks to you I’m in the right track.”. – Hiram Rios-Voice Over Testimonial – Hiram Rios

  • Order your demos today. Anthony personally produces all voice over demo production.

Voice Over Demo Services: Options include audio voice over demos and video voice over demos.

  • Video Demo Reels are produced using your “supplied audio demos, supplied video clips, supplied animation clips, or other supplied video clips” saved in mp3, m4a, m4p, mp4. avi, or mov formats. These demos are then created using short pieces, or excerpts, or stock video clips edited from supplied, or stock content depending on the demo ordered. The final is then mastered as 2:00 video demo in mp4 or .m4p formats for use on your professional website, YouTube channel, or mobile phone.
  • Sizzle Voice Over Demo is produced to WOW the prospect using 10 to 12 short :05 to :06 sec voice over drops. These are then produced as short audio files, delivering a fast paced, mind blowing ride to the listener. Order as many as you like and each is produced as a single Sizzle Reel.
  • Single Voice Over Demo are usually produced as “individual genre specific” demos, which are created to showcase a category like radio, tv, games, cartoons, audio-book, telephone, station imaging, how to, etc. Select from 1 to 6 single genre demos.
  • Multi-pack Voice Over Demos  are usually produced as “individual genre specific” demos, which can include a commercial, narration, character, audio-book, telephone, imaging, or single demos based on the package bought. e.g. 2, 3, 4 or 5 pack.
  • Combo Voice Over Demo showcase a collection of Broadcast Voice Overs, Narrations, Audio-Books, and Characters and are used to showcase categories and industry specific genres. This demo theme offers your listener a range and combination of several genres as shared herein.
  • Production ONLY Audio Demo includes use of your best already produced and supplied “on-hand content” and are created using pre-produced content into new original demos.(new voiced content is not included)

Voice Over Demo Production Process: Here are the typical creation steps with Anthony.

1) Consider a voice over demo production package, make payment and set-up a time for talk.
2) You explore on-hand demo worthy material available from your archives and send to Anthony.
3) If needed “scripts” are created and supplied to record, and send back more demo content.
4) After review of clips, Anthony offers feedback and you re-record content as re-cuts.
5) Final content is produced and mixed with any agreed to ‘on-hand’ clips as a new master demo.
6) You receive a long / short version of demos, plus all single MP3 files if requested.

Now that is REAL bang for the buck as a voice talent!

* DIRECTING NOTE: If you desire LIVE recording direction via  Zoom Video or Skype with Anthony, this option is charged at $50 per hourly session. Typically the voice talent records the voiced content using the co-created semi-customized voice over demo script and his supplied direction to save money. Works perfectly!


So as you will hear, whether you require a combination voice over demo, single genre voice demo, or a pack of multiple voice over demos, Anthony will deliver personally produced voice over demos at affordable rates.


voice over demos


Here are some things to keep in mind about the demo service!

  • Typical Turn-around Time is 7 to 10 Days from Submission of Recorded and/or Voice Content.
  • Specialty Genre Targeted Voice Over Demo Production Services are Available.
  • Each Demo Includes 10 – 12 Individually Produced :15 – :30 Second Clips Per Demo.
  • Production Only Demos are Created as supplied “existing on-hand audio content”.
  • New Demo Services Include Semi-Custom Script Assistance, Audio Production, and Customization.
  • Voice Over Demo Production Payment is Required In-Full Prior to Start of Any Pre-Production

Ready to order? Pick a voice over demo option below and Anthony will contact you within 24-hours!

(NOTE: “no refunds” are offered once scripts are delivered, or production begins. all demo orders are final after script creation, or any production begins. any refund offered due to early termination is at the sole discretion of vo101 and/or its director anthony reece)


VO101 – Voice Over Demo Production

VO101 - Voice Over Demo Production