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Request voice over demo production service and save real cash at VO101. All VO101 voice over demo production are personally produced by Anthony Reece

Here is the voice over demo production process and package;

-pre-planning voice over demo production consultation by skype or telephone
-suggestions on how to best approach the right voice over demos for you
-creative input, and/or a mix of your quality “on-hand” voice over demo content
-review of your on-hand past voice over demos if any
-co-creation of your voice over script and/or new demo content
-original production of new voice over demo content as single clips
-master and delivery of professional voice over demos finals in  MP3

Be heard as a Professional Voice Talent: As a new voice over talent, or veteran voice artists, there is nothing more important than investing in a “high quality” unique voice over demo that reflects YOUR voice over ability as a voice talent. It must show your full voice over range, as a voice artist! Request a new voice over demo production today.

  • Order your new voice over demos today. Anthony personally produces every voice over demo production.

Voice Over Demo Production Services:

  • Single genre demos are usually produced as “individual genre specific” demos, which are created to showcase a category like radio, tv, games, cartoons, audio-book, telephone, station imaging, how to, etc.
  • Combo genre demos showcase a collection of Broadcast Voice Overs, Narrations, Audio-Books, and Characters and are used to showcase categories and industry specific genres.
  • Production only demos include use of your best already produced and supplied “on-hand content” and are created using pre-produced content into new original demos.(new voiced content is not included)

Voice Over Demo Production Process: Here are the typical creation steps with Anthony.

1) You consider and select a voice over demo production package, make payment and set-up a time for talk.
2) You explore and review current demo worthy material available if any from your library and send to Anthony.
3) As needed new “voice over demo scripts” are created and supplied to record, and send back more content.
4) After reviewing the new clips, Anthony offers feedback and you re-record content in need of re-cuts for demos.
5) The final content is then fully produced and mixed with any agreed to ‘on-hand’ clips as a new master demo.
6) You receive a long, short and sizzle version of demos, plus all single MP3 files.

Now that is REAL bang for the buck as a voice talent!

* DIRECTING NOTE: If you desire LIVE recording monitored and directed via  Zoom Video or Skype with Anthony, his directing is optional at $50 per session. Typically the voice talent records the NEW voiced content using the co-created voice over demo script and sends them for review to save money. Works perfectly.



VO101 Production Samples

Recent Talent Demos at VO1012018

David Clark - Podcast Promo Demo(I am EXTREMELY pleased with the demo. I will be referring friends to you!)

Eric Lyden - Impression Demo(Love the new demos. They sound great! Thanks man.)

Tina Shuster - Character Demo(Thank you. This was the best voice over investment in years... )

James Holmes - Audiobook Demo(You the man!!! Thank you... )

Rebecca Haugh - Game Demo(So excited...can't tell you how much this means to me Anthony... )

Patrick Miranda - Character Demo(You got one happy frikkin customer right here... )

Jon Ciano - Singing Demo(HUGE...you made me sound professional and can't wait to share at VO-Atlanta 2018...)

Natalya Bykov - Narration Demo(Thank you Anthony. My new demos sound fantastic and my agent really liked them...)

Phil Withers - Imaging Demo(Awesome! I've already been landing a lot of new voice over work...)

Jay North - Commercial Demo(WOW! Need I say more. You are a magician, making me sound that great! Wow!...)

Jessica Ristau - Promo Demo(WOW...I was amazed you had these ready so fast. FANTASTIC... )

Debby Barnes - Narration Demo(Sounds FANTASTIC!!! Man I appreciate your hard work. Just flat out AMAZING...)

Rory Morris - Character Demo(Dude they are AWESOME thank you so much Anthony. You Rock!!! Unreal brother...)

Robert Leach - Broadcast Demo(The new demo turned out better than I thought it would Anthony. My Agent 99 was very impressed. Thank you again...)

Marcia Bennett Character Demo(These demos are already working for me. I even landed a role for a child character for an animation series...)

Pat Palmerston - Character Demo(Sounds FANTASTIC!!! Man I appreciate your work. Just flat out AMAZING! Many thanks Anthony...)

Andy Danish - Broadcast Demo(Wow...Awesome!!!...WTH! That is all I can say. Thanks Boss...)

Susan Reinhardt Commercial Demo(You made me sound so professional. I can not believe how good these turned out. Thank you Mr. Reece...)

Kurtis Clay - Narration Demo(Thank you Mr. Reece. They sound so good and I feel so lucky to have found you...)

So as you hear, whether you require a combination voice over demo, single genre demo, or a 3 pack with multiple demos, Anthony personally produce’ your demos.

  • Typical Turn-around Time is 7 to 10 Days from Submission of Recorded and/or Voice Content.
  • Production Only Demos do NOT Include New Content Recorded and Produced by Anthony.
  • All New Demo Services Include Script Assistance, Original Production, or Semi-Customization.
  • Voice Over Demo Production Payment is Required In-Full Prior to Start of Any Pre-Production

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