Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

A big THANK YOU to all whom have been part of my voice over coaching journey the past 18-years. I can say it has been a real blessing to have shared my wisdom gained from the school of hard knocks over 35-years.

Voice Over Demo Production | Voice Over Demo Services

Thank You Voice Over Demo Clients!

Kathy Verduin


voice over demo production

What is voice over demo production.

Voice over demo production, is the creation of a 3-minute demonstration of your voice over ability, for talent agents and prospects. The voice over demo service is one of the 3 most important aspects to land work in the voice over industry. As a professional voice talent a voice demo is a must.

Request voice over demos and voice over demo production and save money at VO101All voice over demo productions and voice over demos are personally produced by Anthony Reece Listen to recent demo samples and request your new voice over demos today.


-free consultation by zoom or phone
-advice on the right voice over demos for you
-creative review of any “on-hand” worthy content
-review of dry and/or adlibbed dry voiced content
-advice on the suggested categories and self- creation (note – scripts can be supplied at an additional fee of $50 per script. or you can read how to create your own here free)
-production of 8 – 10 fully mixed demo clips per demo
-master sizzle, short and long versions of each demo
-final mastering of demos finals in high-quality MP3


So just what do typical producers charge for a Professional Voice Over Demos in most major markets? You might be shocked when you see…

Read a Few Articles On Demos And See Some Rates Yourself…

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When you see the fantastic rates for new demos by Anthony Reece you will know why 275 talent have ordered demos at VO101.

Stand Out of the Crowd! As a voice over talent, or veteran voice artist, there is nothing more important than investing in a “high quality” unique voice over demo that reflects YOUR voice over ability as a voice talent. It must show your FULL voice over range as a voice artist. Request your new voice over demos today.

VO101 demo production rates start at little as $299.00. Yes really!


Anthony personally produces all voice over demos.

Voice Over Demo Services: Options include audio voice over demos and video voice over demos.

video voice over demo services* NEW – VIDEO VOICE OVER DEMO SERVICES

  • Custom Video Demo Reels – are produced using your supplied audio demos, supplied video clips, supplied animation clips, or other supplied video clips. 
  • Semi-Custom Video Demo Reels – are produced using stock video clips, selecting from 30-categories. Scripts are supplied for you to voice for each clip..
  • Audio Video Demo Reels – are created combining your supplied audio voice over demo, and 10 images. Great for YouTube!.


  • Sizzle Voice Over Audio Demo – is produced to WOW the prospect using 10 short 5 – 7 sec voice over clips. These clips are produced as short audio clips, to deliver a fast paced, mind blowing ride to the listener. Produced as a single 75-sec demo.
  • Single Genre Voice Over Demos  – are produced as “individual genre specific” demos, which are created to showcase a category like radio, tv, games, cartoons, audio-book, telephone, station imaging, how to, etc. Single genre demos include about a 1-min sizzle demo, 2-min short demo and 4-min long demo.
  • Multi-Pack Voice Over Demos  – are produced as “individual genre specific” demos as shown above, and can include a commercial, narration, character, audio-book, telephone, imaging, or any other single demo desired based on the package bought. E.g. 2, 3, 4 or 5 pack. Each demo includes about a 1-min sizzle demo, 2-min short demo and 4-min long demo.
  • Combo Voice Over Demo – showcase a collection of Broadcast Voice Overs, Narrations, Audio-Books, and Characters used to showcase categories and industry specific genres. This demo theme offers your listener a range and combination of several genres as shared herein. A combo demo includes a 1-min sizzle demo, 2-min short demo and 4-min long demo.


  • Production ONLY Audio Demo – includes use of your best already produced and supplied “on-hand content” and is created using your supplied ‘pre-produced content’ into new original demos. This production only demo includes about a 1-min sizzle demo, 2-min short demo and 4-min long demo. Thus 3 demos edit lengths for each genre produced. (new voiced content is not included)





1) Consider a voice over demo production package, make payment and set-up a time for talk.

2) Explore on-hand demo worthy material available from your archives and send to Anthony.

3) Adlib any mock dry clips, edit those and also send to Anthony for his review.

4) Create your own a custom scripts, or adlib dry mock clips as shared at the link below, then discuss additional “semi-custom scripts” to create with Anthony.

5) Decide if Anthony will direct you live via Zoom ($75 session fee*), or if you will record clips alone. If so Anthony then offers feedback and if needed asks for re-cuts as needed.

* DIRECTING NOTE: If you desire LIVE direction via  Zoom Video, Anthony charges a flat $75 session fee. Typically voice talent can easily record content using self-created customized demo scripts with his supplied pre-direction to save money. Works perfectly!


Anthony will deliver effective, personally produced, voice over demos at affordable rates.


Things To Keep In Mind!

Common things you need to know!

Typical Turn-around Time is 7 to 10 Days from Submission of Recorded and/or Voice Content.

Specialty Genre Targeted Voice Over Demo Production Services are Available.

Each Demo Usually Includes 8 to 10 Individually Produced :10 to :15 Second Clips Per Demo.

Production Only Demos are Created Using Supplied “Existing On-Hand Audio Content”.

Demo Services Include Advice on Self-Creating Scripts, Audio Production, and Masters.

Voice Over Demo Production Payment is Required In-Full Prior to Start of Any Pre-Production. NOTE – You Can Pay Later Using The PayPal Pay Later Option.

PAYMENT OPTIONS BELOW! (effective june  2024)

1X FULL PAYMENT – demo or demos of choice paid in full 1x created by anthony reece.

PAY LATER OPTION – demo or demos of choice divided by 4x with your down-payment the first installment. then 3 equal payments made every 2 weeks.

NOTE: “no refunds” are offered for the “demo services”. all sales are final. any refund offered by vo101 is less 32% paypal fees, any rendered hourly work already performed by Anthony @ $89.00 per hour, and any admin charges.

Ready to order? Pick a voice over demo option and Anthony will contact you within 24-hours!

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