Voice Over Demo Samples – VO101


VO101 Production Samples

Recent Talent Demos at VO1012019

David Clark - Podcast Promo Demo(I am EXTREMELY pleased with the demo. I will be referring friends to you!)

Eric Lyden - Impression Demo(Love the new demos. They sound great! Thanks man.)

Tina Shuster - Character Demo(Thank you. This was the best voice over investment in years... )

James Holmes - Audiobook Demo(You the man!!! Thank you... )

Rebecca Haugh - Game Demo(So excited...can't tell you how much this means to me Anthony... )

Patrick Miranda - Character Demo(You got one happy frikkin customer right here... )

Jon Ciano - Singing Demo(HUGE...you made me sound professional and can't wait to share at VO-Atlanta 2018...)

Natalya Bykov - Narration Demo(Thank you Anthony. My new demos sound fantastic and my agent really liked them...)

Phil Withers - Imaging Demo(Awesome! I've already been landing a lot of new voice over work...)

Jay North - Commercial Demo(WOW! Need I say more. You are a magician, making me sound that great! Wow!...)

Jessica Ristau - Promo Demo(WOW...I was amazed you had these ready so fast. FANTASTIC... )

Debby Barnes - Narration Demo(Sounds FANTASTIC!!! Man I appreciate your hard work. Just flat out AMAZING...)

Rory Morris - Character Demo(Dude they are AWESOME thank you so much Anthony. You Rock!!! Unreal brother...)

Robert Leach - Broadcast Demo(The new demo turned out better than I thought it would Anthony. My Agent 99 was very impressed. Thank you again...)

Marcia Bennett Character Demo(These demos are already working for me. I even landed a role for a child character for an animation series...)

Pat Palmerston - Character Demo(Sounds FANTASTIC!!! Man I appreciate your work. Just flat out AMAZING! Many thanks Anthony...)

Andy Danish - Broadcast Demo(Wow...Awesome!!!...WTH! That is all I can say. Thanks Boss...)

Susan Reinhardt Commercial Demo(You made me sound so professional. I can not believe how good these turned out. Thank you Mr. Reece...)

Kurtis Clay - Narration Demo(Thank you Mr. Reece. They sound so good and I feel so lucky to have found you...)

So as you hear, whether you require a combination voice over demo, single genre demo, or a 3 pack with multiple demos, Anthony personally produce’ your demos.