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Enjoy a FREE Voice Evaluation OR Voice Over Demo Review.

* FREE Voice Evaluation!

Thinking of getting into voice overs? Have what it takes? Find out FREE. Let Anthony evaluate your voice, or current voice over demo. Use the PDF below to record a few samples.

Request your voice review, or voice over potential evaluation today for FREE. (a $35 value free) If you want to have Anthony evaluate your voice, but do not have recorded voice over samples, voice over demos, or voiced content, you can download and record a few voice over clips FREE using the free voice over evaluation script, or the character voice evaluation script.



* FREE Voice Over Demo Review!

Already a working voice talent, or voice actor looking for a objective feedback on your voice over demos? Request a free evaluation of your current voice over demos. Most voice talent create a single demo themselves, and never freshen it with new material. Some will actually wait 2 to 3 years before creating NEW professional demos.

* Ask yourself this question; “How do my demos sound to an objective ear?”.

Anthony can evaluate your voice over demos FREE and offer constructive, non-bias voice over demo feedback to assure your competing with quality voice over demos. Hard love can be helpful to an artist, and Anthony will offer positive suggestions to help improve the overall appeal of your demos.

He will share his professional comments from a voice casting director, and audio production perspective, as well as his 25 years as a voice over artist and voice talent.



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