Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

A big THANK YOU to all whom have been part of my voice over coaching journey the past 18-years. I can say it has been a real blessing to have shared my wisdom gained from the school of hard knocks over 35-years.

Online Voice Over Course for Beginners | Voice Over Course

Online Voice Over Course for Beginners Learn The Basics of Voice Overs

What is a online voice over beginner course.

As someone looking to start a voice over career, the student must learn the basics of voice overs business as a voice over talent. A online voice over course for the beginner, offers information in the business and an introduction to the main genres of the voice over industry..

Voice Over coach Anthony Reece and VO101 offer this Online Self-Study Voice Over Course sharing the basic information you need to start a career in voice overs. This course offers 16 lessons online for those starting a career in the voice over business.

Each lesson also includes audio and video options, along with self-tests after each lesson and pdf lesson papers.

Option 1) $69.95 – Enjoy the online voice over self-study course and study online at home, work or school. Course offers video and audio media, pdf papers for each lesson, and a self-test quiz after every lesson.

Option 2) $159.95 – Enjoy feedback on lessons 11, 12 and 13 from Anthony. Course offers video and audio media, pdf papers for each lesson, and a self-test quiz after every lesson. Study online and enjoy personal feedback sent from Anthony Reece after you record the homework on papers 11, 12 and 13.

ENJOY LIFE-TIME ACCESS: You will have life-time access to the online voice over course and all 16 LESSONS as part of the general course, plus self-testing on all 16 lessons. 

NOTE: This is a basic online voice over course and does NOT cover advanced delivery techniques, or advanced voice over training. Those are covered in regular Private Voice Over Lessons, or the popular Live Power Training Plans.

Learn voice over basics online, anywhere you can access the internet. Your online voice over course access is FREE for life, so you can return and refresh you knowledge, or enjoy new content added as often as you’d like.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: General knowledge you need to know starting a career as a voice talent.


The 16 General Lesson Topics Covered Online…

LESSON 1Paper 1 – Uncovering Microphones: Discover the preferred microphones.
Paper 2 – Recording: Learn how to record audio on your computer.
Paper 3 – Editing Software: Set-up and using your audio editing software.
LESSON 2Paper 4 – Industry Terminology: Learn the terminology used in voice overs.
Paper 5 – Studio Titles and Roles: Who does what in voice overs.
LESSON 3Paper 6 – Being a Directable Talent: What it means to take direction.
LESSON 4Paper 7 – Audition Process: Audition preparation, recording and submission.
Paper 8 – Voice Over Uses: Voice over, narration, and characters.
Paper 9 – Recording Lengths: Typical voice over recording lengths by genre.
LESSON 5Paper 10 – Using Audio Software: Audacity software check-up and editing tips.
LESSON 6Paper 11 – Commercial Voice Overs: Learn radio / tv voice overs. (includes live reads)
LESSON 7Paper 12 – Narrations and Telephone Messaging: Learn narrations and telephone messaging. (includes live reads)
LESSON 8Paper 13 – Character Voices: Learn character voices for games and cartoons. (includes live reads)
LESSON 9Paper 14 – Demo Production: Making a successful voice over demo reel.
Paper 15 – Social Media and Marketing: How to market your voice services.
Paper 16 – Business Tools: The tools you’ll need as a professional voice talent.


The VO101 online course features MP4 Video format, along with MP3 Audio format available within each lesson.

As a online voice over course student you also enjoy a PDF Lesson Paper for each lesson to download and save. This way you can study off-line as well as follow each of the course lessons using a paper document.

Plus use the built-in online self-grading lesson tests, to self-test within the lesson window to be sure you’re learning.

  • OPTIONAL RECORDING REVIEW: If chosen you also receive feedback on your recording of papers 11, 12, and 13. This feedback is sent as 3 mp3 audio files from Anthony for your review and archives. Just select this optional feedback plan below. Then use the UPLOAD tool to send them to Anthony and he will review your audio homework.

This is a complete online, self-study voice over training program. Once complete, you WILL know the basic information required to start a voice over career, and do business as a professional voice over artist.

Your total investment for the online beginner voice over course is $69.95 OR $159.95 if you select the online course and audio mp3 feedback option. Payment can be made by credit, or debt card using the PayPal system.

Register today below via our secure PayPal and start learning voice overs and voice acting tonight.

PAYMENT OPTIONS BELOW (effective april 2023)

1X FULL PAYMENT$69.95 online course only / $159,95 online with feedback from anthony reece.

PAY LATER OPTION 1$69.95 online only course @ $17.48 down, then 3 payments of $17.48 every 2 weeks.


PAY LATER OPTION 2 $159.95 online course with feedback @ $39.98 down, then 3 payments of $39.98 every 2 weeks.

NOTE: “no refunds” are offered for the “beginner course” due to the digital nature of the program content and any video reviews sent by anthony. all sales are final. any refund offered by vo101 is less 32% paypal fees, any rendered hourly work already performed by Anthony @ $89.00 per hour, and any admin charges.