Client Voice Casting Lessons – Directing Voice Talent

Client Voice Casting Audio Lessons: Learn How to Find, Audition, Cast and Direct Voice Over Talent.

Are you a new advertising professional, cartoonist, casting director, creative director, marketing executive, animator, audio producer, film student, or broadcast production director looking for advise on working with voice talent? VO101 offers single online voice casting lessons covering every aspect of working with voice talent. See the list of voice over consultation lesson topics covered online below.

You can access all 15 Client Casting Voice Over Consultation Lessons for only $59.95. All 15 client voice casting audio lessons will will teach you how to find, interview, audition, hire then work with professional voice talent, character voice actors and audio-book narrators.

The 15 audio lesson topics covered are the most common questions asked by clients when directing voice talent and users of voice actors. These audio lessons teach everything required to work with voice over artists and voice talent today.

These voice casting audio lessons will teach you how to prepare your voice over script, establish your voice over budget, casting considerations, finding the right voice talent for your project, hiring talent and directing voice over talent.

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15 Casting Consultation Audio Topics Covered on Working with Voice Talent:

1) Prepare for a voice over casting
2) Creation of your script, or copy
3) General voice over rates today
4) Setting your voice over budget
5) Required voice talent time and deadlines
6) Determine your project recording length
7) Know how many voice talent you require
8) Picking a talent sex and age
9) Knowing your desired voice style and tone
10) Preparing a audition script for directing voice talent
11) Where to find quality professional voice talent
12) Holding your voice over audition
13) What are high quality voice recordings
14) How to pick the Right talent
15) What to expect from a voice over talent

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