Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

A big THANK YOU to all whom have been part of my voice over coaching journey the past 18-years. I can say it has been a real blessing to have shared my wisdom gained from the school of hard knocks over 35-years.

Voice Over Training Questions at VO101

Voice Over Training Questions at VO101

These are answers to common questions asked about the voice over industry and VO101. After 28 years as a voice actor, voice over talent, voice casting director, media producer, sound designer, audio producer and broadcast director, Anthony Reece created VO101 in 2005 to share the knowledge and skills required to become a voice over actor.

This voice over advice, will assure you understand what is required as a voice talent. Hundreds of people like you have started a voice over career using the VO101 website, selecting the online voice over course, combo training plan, private single voice over lessons, or the Power 30 Beginner Coaching Plan.

Below are questions other people ask before starting a career in voice overs, or training at VO101.

Bottom line in a nutshell is, this voice over advice will help you be ready to compete as a voice over talent. Nobody can guarantee success in voice overs. If they do, they are being dishonest!

Consider this…if YOU take the online course at the very least, you will learn if voice overs are right for you. You can then invest further in private coaching, voice over demos, and more later gaining even more voice over advice.

Here is some voice over advice and FAQ’s about VO101…

Q: Do you track how successful all of your students are after training?
A: No. That is far too much work. There are too many factors why a student does, or does not have success.

Q: Will I be able to make a full-time living or serious income in voice overs if you train me?
A: This is not an MLM or get-rich-scheme, it is an artistic field. No one knows your potential level of income.

Q: Do you become my agent and help me get work after training?
A: I’m a coach and trainer NOT an agent. I do handle voice castings and productions but do not act as an agent.

Q: Okay so what do I really need to study and learn voice overs at home, online and with you in private?
A: You will need a decent computer, sound card, broadband, a good microphone, audio software and time.

Q: Does the online self-study course teach me how to start and fully do voice overs?
A: The online course shares the “basics” you need to know about voice overs. Private coaching is the only way to fully learn how to become a professional voice over talent. The online course is to explore the general topics and areas.

Q: Do you offer a private lesson plan that also includes the online voice over training course?
A: Yes my combo plans and power plans offer both the online course and private lessons via Skype.

Q: Do you offer students professional voice over demo production to students and pros?
A: Yes voice over demo production is available and very affordable rate compared to most producers..

Q: What’s the real cost or investment to set-up a small home recording studio?
A: Generally you can do it under $350.00 if you already have a good pc/mac and decent speakers.

Q: Can anyone become a professional voice over talent?
A: Yes anyone can learn how to do voice overs the right way. Yet you must practice, train and market yourself.

Q: How long does it take to become a voice over talent?
A: Training with me at VO101 usually takes 30 – 60 days. Yet your education should never end as a voice talent.

Q: Does age or my looks matter as a voice talent?
A: No unlike on-camera acting, a voice actors age and looks never matter. It is how well they deliver voice overs.

Q: Can I live anywhere and do voice overs as a voice talent?
A: Yes thanks to the web and broadband, voice talent can work around the world from home.

Q: Do I need a talent agent to find work in voice overs?
A: Not always unless you are union or live in LA and NY. Non-union talent do not need a voice agent.

Q: Should I consider joining a union like SAG or AFTRA?
A: Unless you live in LA, or NY no. Most voice talent are non-union as it is too costly to become a union artist.

Q: Can children become voice talent and work in voice overs?
A: Yes many children are used in cartoons, commercials, games and apps. I also train kids over 13.

Q: What is the best way to get started in voice overs?
A: Training and practice. If you are not sure voice over is for you, take the online course. Watch this video too.

Q: Do I need a great sounding voice to be a voice over talent?
A: No. Many projects use everyday voices. Yet you do need to speak clearly and not have a heavy accent, etc.

Q: What if I also speak another language other than English?
A: Great actually as the more languages you can offer clients the better chance of making money.

Ready? Great then take the Online Course or consider my Power 30 Plan for complete personal training!

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