Real Feedback from Voice Over Students at VO101


“…you got one happy frikkin customer right here. I would say worth every penny, but I feel like it was a bargain for the close attention you gave these projects and the final product. Its been a blast working with you, and I hope to continue to work and collaborate with you in the near future!” Patrick Miranda

…I am extremely pleased with my broadcast demo! Truly, you have outdone yourself this time. This is really competitive stuff compared with what I’ve heard on Voice-bank and other high-end demos. I can really hear the care and expertise that you put into my reels. Thank you again. More coaching and demos to come later on down the line, for sure! – Peter White

…Well I came to with absolutely no V/O experience. Anthony helped me build an inexpensive home studio and gave me the tools to audition as a fully trained Voice Actor. Two months out of the power plan training and I’m now transitioning into working as a full time voice actor. It’s like winning the freaking lottery. He gives you straight forward, no nonsense guidance and a realistic idea of what it will take to make it in this industry. – Pat Palmerston

…Anthony is a topnotch producer, and coach! he did a wonderful job on my character demo. – Brenda Robinson

…I overwhelmed by every thing you generously shared with me and your kindness. singing praises. – Debby Barnes

…I would like to thank you for all the time and energy you put forth toward my new career.- Tim McKeown

…Your mentorship and belief gave me the start I needed to believe in myself. Thanks. – Donna Cuddemi

…The demos sound great and I’m so proud to show them off and I’m landing work new. – Erik Reynolds

…Your website has been extremely helpful giving me the tools to begin a new career. – John Barbour

…Anthony you are a phenomenal teacher and the course is unparalleled anywhere. – Charles Stepback

…I mostly love your REALNESS and not sugar coating it. thanks to you I’m in the right track. – Hiram Rios


…”Thank you for always encouraging me, I am really glad I found your coaching program! I tried to listen to some of my old recordings the other day but I couldn’t – I never want to sound that bad again 🙂 So thanks again, I am still just as excited about this as on the first day, and that is a big deal for me!” -Stef Pappas

…I think the organization of the course is excellent…I really like the self test features. – Paul Underwood

…As a stage actor, your program gave me the skills to act. talk about bang for the buck. – Candy Maranz

…Truth is, at first I was skeptical of the price being so low. but now i am thrilled. – Lund Andershon

…Your lessons helped me better understand the audition process…thank you anthony. – Anna Marie Viola

…A lot of good information and the easy to listen to style makes it a valuable resource for beginners. – James Lorenz

…The demo lesson was excellent…this is by far the best value for the money on the web. – Michelle Shepardson

…Being new to the business I was scared it would be hard…you made it simple…many thanks. – Sandra Harms

…As a film student I can now both voice my own characters and direct talent…priceless program. – Jay Simmons

…After leaving full sail unv I felt very unsure about my voice skills and you cured me of that. – Steven Williams


…And who said this was hard? you made it so easier. I’m so excited to get rolling. you rule sir. – Ty Nichols

…Just to think my girlfriend actually had to talk me into this and now i love it and make money. – Mason McShields

…Being a stay at home mom the online course was great and the price saved me cash. – Tina Kinnard

…Let go from my radio gig so i was looking for work. now i get full-time pay for part time work. – Carson Lasof

…As a student, this course helped me become a better voice director too. thank you thank you. – Jasrah Russa

…Can you imagine starting a new part-time career for under $150.00? Guess what? I did. – Jimmy Stermin

Plus hundreds of more voice over students, both new and veteran whom are now actively working in voice overs thanks to Anthony Reece and VO101.

6 thoughts on “Real Feedback from Voice Over Students at VO101

  1. I can’t tell you what a blast it was completing “The Works” with Anthony Reese! I’ve been in the film and television business for 40 years and can honestly say he is a consummate professional; very knowledgeable, creative and he even made the classes and assignments fun. I was so impressed I just signed up for additional classes and can’t wait to apply the new found skills. Thanks Anthony!

  2. The VO101 course is so beneficial and Anthony Reese is someone I honestly can’t rave enough about. First of all – he cares. This is huge. He cares about the Voice-Over profession and he cares about his Voice-Over students. He develops profitable VO material because he’s keen to see VO wannabe’s cued-up and able to deliver. He also makes himself available to those who are still on their VO journey. And even though he wears a lot of creative hats himself (…and wears them well); I have found him to be more than generous with his time. He keeps his finger on the pulse of what’s going-on in the industry because he’s an active part of it. His experience is impressive and he’s a crackin’ demo producer that offers a lot of bang for your buck!

  3. I would like to post a recommendation.

    I stumbled upon VO101 and Anthony 2 years ago, and did the basic course, then the 30 day /8 coaching sessions. I am VERY happy. This is true value for the money if you want to learn basic VO and advanced topics.

    Anthony is a veritable fountain of knowledge and has real world working professional experience that flows out in abundance during the coaching sessions.

    I am going to continue taking some advanced coursework from him, as well as producing another demo, and I wholeheartedly recommend to those looking for a down-to-earth, no-nonsense ethical coach and demo producer. This will be the best money you’ll ever spend, and you WON’T regret a penny.

    A happy customer!

    • Thank you sir. It has been a pleasure working with you. I value my students being ready for battle and hope to see you advancing as a professional voice talent over the years to come. God bless.

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