Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

A big THANK YOU to all whom have been part of my voice over coaching journey the past 18-years. I can say it has been a real blessing to have shared my wisdom gained from the school of hard knocks over 35-years.

Live Voice Over Training and Voice Over Lesson Plans


Street Smart Voice Over Coaching

Anthony Reece offers LIVE beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons on Zoom.

Live Voice Over Training | Beginner, Intermediate | Advanced Voice Over Lesson Plans

live voice over trainingVO101 offers LIVE voice over training power plans, which include various topics relevant to the talent’s level of competency. Choose from 3 voice over training plans, each lasts about 30-days, with 9 to 10 LIVE hourly lessons.

The beginner plan, intermediate plan and advanced plan, train you on various voice over delivery techniques, to effectively compete as a voice talent today.


-all lessons are held LIVE and in-private with Anthony Reece

-30 – 60 day LIVE voice over training plans

-60 – 75 minute LIVE zoom lessons

-all topics are techniques that have been found to cost talent jobs

-all plan lessons are held on zoom video

-all voice over lessons are all recorded on video

-each voice over lesson includes homework and live reads with direction

-beg and int plans include free the online course FREE

-the works plan includes a FREE $349 combo demo


Have a look at the 3 plans below, and consider which is right for you. Anthony Reece instructor of VO101, also offers students and voice talent a combination coaching plan called The Works that includes any 2 of the 3 LIVE plans, saving $300.00. Plus students enjoy a FREE $349.00 combination demo after training.

Power Plans at VO101

Here are the current Power Plans at VO101.
Beginner Private Power PlanLIVE Beginner Voice Over Training Plan
Intermediate Private Power PlanLIVE Intermediate Voice Over Training Plan
Advanced Private Power PlanLIVE Advanced Voice Over Training Plan
The Works Power PlanLIVE The Works Voice Over Training Plan

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