Beginner Voice Over Lessons – VO101 Beginner Power Plan

Ready to Learn Voice Overs Personally with Anthony? This is the Beginner 30-Day Power Plan!


This private beginner 30-45 day voice over plan, offers you the beginner, voice over lessons LIVE via Skype Video. Each of the 8 to 9 voice over lessons, are held personally with Anthony. If you are SERIOUS about starting a career as a new voice talent, you must be well trained and understand how to be a Professional Voice Over Talent.

The Beginner Power 30 Plan is the voice over coaching program for you the beginner, sharing 8 to 9 hourly voice over lessons. This is by far the MOST AFFORDABLE completely private and online, live Skype Video voice over coaching program in the industry today. PERIOD!

The VO101 Beginner Power 30 Plan includes two weekly voice over lessons, lasting 60 – 90 minutes by SKYPE. All of your voice over lessons are instructed in private and in-person with Anthony Reece.

Every week you enjoy personal coaching, advice, tips and a focused voice over lessons. You also enjoy a $50.00 discount on a combo demo, or a 3 demo package after training. No corporate sales, pitch or up-sell here. What you see and invest in, is what you get. You are educated on the basics of voice over by a veteran voice over talent, voice casting director, and producer whom has been there done all of that for 25 years..

Each voice over lesson is also recorded in audio, and sent as a link if requested so you can download the lesson and keep for future reference. Your total investment is $795.00.  That is REAL bang for the buck.

This popular Beginner Power Plan is like having Anthony as your private mentor, voice over coach and professional voice over adviser over the entire training period and more. Many of his students, go on to work for his studio and clients as well.

* The best deal in the industry offering personal voice over training, plus a $50.00 discount on a new professional combo demo, or 3 or more demo package. You enjoy numerous other tips and advice along the way.

If you’re SERIOUS about starting a professional voice over career, this is the BEST investment and value throughout the entire voice over training industry. Just check around, you’ll soon see. No need to take out a second mortgage, or rob your child’s college fund to learn how to become a voice talent.

Request the $795 Beginner Power Plan and start voice over lessons tomorrow.

Still not sure? See what other voice talent say… watch and read talent feedback

* Here are the General Voice Over Topics Covered During the Beginner Training:

-Uncovering Microphones: Discover the preferred microphones for doing voice overs.
-Recording on Your Computer: Learn how to record audio on your computer.
-Audio Editing Software: Set-up and using your audio editing software.
-Industry Terminology: Learn the buzz words, and terminology used in voice overs.
-Studio Titles and Roles: Who does what, when, where and why in voice overs.
-Being a Direct-able Talent:  Uncover what t it really means to take direction as a voice artist.
-Interpreting Scripts and Copy: Learn how to interpret copy, or scripts within media project.
-The Voice Over Audition Process: Find auditions, prepare, record and submission of your auditions.
-Uses of Voice Overs Today: The difference in voice over, narration, imaging, and characters.
-Genre Recording Lengths: The facts about typical voice over recording lengths and delivery.
-Recording Radio / TV Voice Overs: Learn about radio and tv voice overs.
-Narrations and Telephone Messaging: Working in audio-books, documentary, and telephones.
-Character Voices: Explore character voices for animation, games and cartoons.
-Voice Over Demo Production: Steps to making a successful voice over demo reel.
-Website, Casting Sites and Marketing:  How to market yourself as a voice talent and compete.
-Must Have Business Tools: The business tools you’ll need as a professional voice talent.

…and the items listed below.

* Countless Tips and Advice Shared During EVERY Live Skype Lesson with Anthony every week.

* Creative and Technical Support: Rest at ease knowing you have a new personal mentor an email, or phone call away. As a 30-Day Power Plan student, you also get access to Anthony 24/7 during training.

* Online Self-Study Course: Enjoy the online self-study course FREE for LIFE along with many additional power videos added as a Power Plan student at VO101. (note the lessons taught within the Online Course are the foundation topics required to start a voice over career.)

* Audition and Practice Review: You also receive free audio review from Anthony on your course practice clips, private auditions, and much more.

* $50 Voice Over Demo Discount: As a New 30-Day Power Plan student you enjoy $50 off a combo, or 3 or more pack of voice over demos after completion of the program. Anthony will co-create an effective, powerful, professional sounding voice over demo so you are ready to compete as a new voice over talent after your personal voice over training.

Register Today and start training personally with Anthony with this PRIVATE voice over training program!

Your investment is only US $795.00. Payment can be made by credit, or debt card using the PayPal system below. Select your Power Plan option below and enroll today! Space is limited.

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* Power Plan Grad Package: Once you complete the VO101 Power Plan, you’ll have the option to request a 30-day “Post Power Package” at only US $279.99. You will enjoy 4 additional private hourly lessons, an additional 30-days of technical support, email mentoring, practice and audition reviews, plus continued access for life to the online course. Request the Post Power Package now below and continue your personal VO101 training with Anthony for another 30-days.

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