Voice Over Lesson – Free Video Excerpts – VO101


Below are featured short “Video Excerpts” from real VO101 Pro Talent and New Student Power Lessons.

These free voice over lessons excerpts are shared in a short to the point, voice over training tip. Apply each to your own career, and maybe it will improve your success. Use these techniques and free advice in your business.

NOTE: Depending on your broadband speed, each video may take a few minutes to load! Be patient!

Video Excerpt: Now What? Just Stay The Course!

Video Excerpt: Editing On The Fly – Saves You Time and Money

Video Excerpt: Basic Audition Script Dissection and Rehearsal

Video Excerpt: The Audition and Demo TSL

Video Excerpt: Clarity, Projection, Enunciation and Good Speech Skills

Video Excerpt: Using Dynamic Word Emphasis in Your Voice Over Delivery

Video Excerpt: Word Whippping, Word Stretches and Adding Natural Stalls

Video Excerpt: Taking Advantage of Your Full 3 Voice Registers as a Voice Talent

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