Audition Tips – The Voice Over Audition Check List

Blog Article Topic: Voice Over Audition Check-List.

Ever wonder what that casting director is thinking, when reviewing YOUR audition? The answers might just surprise some of you voice talent, and voice actors not working in a studio, or production company everyday.

There is a madness to the review process, which a voice talent should consider BEFORE you submit that golden attempt at an audition. First impressions in voice over just as in-person, matter.

Most talent do not think like the prospect, or try to get into the mind of the casting director. Believe it or not, the first pass when reviewing auditions, is like weeding the garden before you water it.

Next time you audition, ask yourself as if playing the role of the casting prospect: “do MY auditions pass the initial review check list shared below”?

In this order, here is my own post casting “audition check list” and that of many of my voice over casting associates and producers….

1) Did the talent show respect and actually take time to record a quality sample?

(assumption/thinking – how that is a respectful talent)

2) Did the talent act professional and submit an audition OR genre specific demo?

(assumption/thinking – talent must be think they are “too good” to send custom sample)

3) Did the talent hurry to beat the deadline sending a noisy hissy audition from the car?

(assumption/thinking – the talent must have poor gear and low quality digs)

4) Did the talent invest time to “explore” the voice and/or character STYLE requested?

(assumption/thinking – well that was nice , play the next audition…)

5) Did the talent consider the pace, tempo or delivery of their audition?

(assumption/thinking – another talent blasting out auditions on auto-pilot)

6) Did the talent consider the tone, register, and emotion of the sample?

(assumption/thinking – wooden, tone def, or a single dimensional talent)

7) Did the talent interpret the script/copy, and read it enough times to OWN it?

(assumption/thinking – rip and read, likely plays the numbers game to land a gigs)

8) Did the talent pay attention to shared “supplied direction” or just do their own thing?

(assumption/thinking – lack of attention to detail – re-cut nightmare talent)

9) Did the talent meet any noted recording timings, limits, donuts, tags if requested?

(assumption/thinking – can not read in required punch, or read times)

10) Did the talent just offer a single “take”, or deliver a few “versions” of the read?

(assumption/thinking – hey with me as your talent one cut is enough – nailed it)

11) Did the talent properly edit, clean, save and send a quality polished voice track?

(assumption/thinking – poor editing, or incompetent talent)

12) Did the talent do all the above, submit on time and present themselves like a pro?

(assumption/thinking – now that is a pro – you’re hired)

I challenge all of you, to run through this mental checklist every time you audition. Even if in person, some of this applies, while rehearsing in the green room.

Only then can yo make the final cut, and be in the final list of candidates. Everyone else is usually deleted!

-Anthony Reece / VO101