Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

Happy 18th Birthday to VO101

A big THANK YOU to all whom have been part of my voice over coaching journey the past 18-years. I can say it has been a real blessing to have shared my wisdom gained from the school of hard knocks over 35-years.

VO101 Client Power Area – Learn to Work with Voice Talent $29

Learn to work with Voice Talent. Access the VO101 Consulting Power Area 24/7 for only $29.95 (a 1x fee)

Enjoy 24/7 Access to dozens of practical advanced voice over video lessons online.

As a creative professional, you must understand how to locate, cast, hire and work with voice over talent. You must be armed with  real world knowledge  when working with voice actors and voice talent.

In order to complete in a now GLOBAL marketplace, selecting the right voice talent is a MUST. It takes great insight and a general understanding of the voice over casting process, directing voice talent and paying your voice over actor. Access the audio consulting area today at VO101.

The  VO101 Power Consultation Area features useful information, tips, advice and street smart knowledge about casting voice over artists. If YOU are serious and seek more than simple just feedback, lip-service, or casting help, the Consultation Power Area is for you.

List of Power Client Consulting Topics: Enjoy 15 power audio lessons over 90 minutes total time.

– Preparing for Your Voice Over Casting.
– Creation of Your Voice Over Audition Script.
– Typical Voice Over Rates?
– Setting a Realistic Voice Over Budget.
– Deciding on Your Audition Response Deadline.
– Knowing Your Total Recording Length.
– How Many Voice Parts are Required?
– What Voice Over Sexes Do You Need?
– Considering Your Voice Talent Tone and Style.
– Approving The Final Voice Over Script.
– Finding Voice Over Talent to Audition.
– Holding Your Voice Over Auditions.
– How to Recognize Great Voice Recording Quality.
– Selecting The RIGHT Voice Talent from Auditions.
– What to Expect from a Professional Voice Talent and more…

Request a Private Consultation via SKYPE:If you need help with professional in-house or a public voice casting Anthony Reece can help!

As a creative working with voice talent for the first time, it is likely YOU have other questions on working with, casting, or hiring voice talent. Contact Anthony Here and request private one-on-one consultation for yourself, your creative team, staff, or entire class. If it has to do with voice casting, or working with voice artists, Anthony can offer you his 25 years hands-on experience. Email Anthony today.

Become a Power Consulting Member: Access all 90 minutes and over 15 Power Consulting Lessons 24/7.

Talk about power learning and savings, your membership to the Voice Over Client Consulting Power Area will more than pay off in the form of knowledge. Anthony has 25 years voice over exp in the field, and this wisdom has no value. Learn from a coach that has “been there done that” how to locate voice artists, audition voice talent, find voice actors, hire voice talent, and then direct your voice over cast. IT is all covered here in the VO101 Power Consulting Area.

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